Architect designed house plans, based on over 40 years of off-grid, sustainable design and construction. 

Earthship Biotecture is completely self-sustainable – we teach you how to live off grid.

Big cities and luxuries aren’t for everybody. If you’re someone who enjoys the outdoors and a simple life, maybe its time to consider moving off grid. These construction drawings for Off Grid Sustainable Earthship buildings are available now.

Moving away from vital services such as indoor plumbing, electricity and garbage pick up may be a nightmare for some, but the benefits and experience is drawing people to consider their options. Properly design house plans by our architects for off-grid buildings are our specialty. The cost alone is opening people up to spending some time learning just how easy it is for North Americans compared to some regions of the world.

The term “off grid” generally means homes that are not on the power grid. They are eco, green buildings that create their own power and are self-sufficient. Generally, people think of hippies when they think off grid but many families are choosing to make the change because it can save thousands of dollars every year. It is possible to live off grid but still inside the confines of a city. In the U.S. there are about 750,000 households currently living off grid and the number is growing by 10% every year, according to Nick Rosen author of Off the Grid: The Inside Movement for More Space, Less Government and True Independence for Modern America.