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Due to the current situation, you will have to present a negative coronavirus test result,
completed within 1 week before the start of your academy session. 

You can share your COVID test result via email at
OR give us a call at the office at: +1 575-613-4888

COVID-19 Testing in Taos, NM, USA – Earthship Academy
Recommended: Purchase travel insurance prior to your session, especially if you are flying.

Earthship Biotecture Classes

History and Evolution of the Earthship Concept

Thermal/Solar Heating and Cooling

Building with Natural and Recycled Materials

Water Harvesting, Storage and Filtration

Contained Sewage Treatment

Food Production in Earthships

Sustainable Retrofit for Conventional Homes

Disaster Relief and Humanitarian Projects


The Labs give students a chance to go in-depth with technical aspects of the Earthship systems. With guidance from our Plumbing Specialist, students build a Water Organizing Module and learn about all filters, pumps and valves. Students also do hands-on basic electrical wiring for lights and switches. During the Earthship Maintenance Lab students learn all aspects of caring for an Earthship building from servicing the batteries for the solar system to cleaning out the grease and particle unit of the gray water system.


The Earthship Academy is based at the Greater World Earthship Community which is the world’s largest sustainable, approved subdivision and home to the world’s first Sustainable Development Testing Site. Classes are held at the Academy Classroom which is housed in a modular Earthship at the entrance to the community. Hands-on building takes place within the community, on the the Test Site and at other locations in the Taos area. 


Students participate in guided tours of at least 15 different Earthships and pre-Earthship experimental buildings. These tours showcase a variety of Earthship types: Packaged, Modular, Custom, Global, and Simple Survival. On many of the visits, the residents of the Earthship are present to answer questions about their homes including modifications they have made and how they have made their lifestyle fit their building.

Optional Housing

We offer very basic, dormitory-style housing to Academy students for an additional fee. The accommodations include early Earthship attempts, Earthship-inspired buildings, and our latest Simple Survival models. These spaces are rustic and experimental, and you must be prepared for camping-like conditions. Some of the water and power systems of these buildings are designed for minimal use only, not for ideal comfort.

Earthship Academy Sessions in Taos

Tuition $2,500 USD (+ New Mexico Tax applies)

We offer: 10% off for couples and friends coming together / $500 discount for all Western State Colorado University students (only one discount can be applied). We also offer a $1,000 USD discount for students registered with the Western State Colorado University doing their Masters in Environmental Management.

Please note, we have a “no refund” policy but offer credit in the event of cancellation for up to two years that can be used in any facet of our company.

The curriculum for each session is identical and consists of classes, labs, hands-on construction, and tours of many Earthship and pre-Earthship buildings. You only need to attend one of the sessions.

Sessions are intensive and are six days a week for four weeks. Half of the time is spent in the classroom and half on learning hands-on techniques on the construction sites.

We recommend purchasing Earthship Volume 1 and the Simple Survival Earthship APP from the App store, prior to arrival at the Academy Session

We consider living in the Earthship accommodations during the Academy session to be part of your education in understanding Earthship concepts.

Prices for these accommodations are lower than equivalent housing in the Taos, New Mexico area.

Location is selected for you, but you may choose:

  • Shared Room

  • Private Room

  • Double Occupancy Private Room.

Prices range from $450 – $800 for the duration of your session.

These units are available on a first come first served basis.

Should you choose to camp or find your own housing, we can provide a list of recommendations. Please note camping is not available on the Earthship campus itself.

Also, if you are planning on finding your own housing outside of what we offer we strongly advise having a car, as Taos is quite spread out and there is no public transportation.

You can contact us here: +1 575 613 4888 or

Earthship Academy Scholarship

Earthship Academy is offering a full scholarship for tuition ($2,500) and housing

accommodations ($500) for each Academy session at Earthship Biotecture headquarters.

Scholarship Candidates: Who should apply?

This full scholarship is intended to empower low-income communities located in rural regions of the US. We are looking for candidates in the following categories:

  • Black Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC) are especially encouraged to apply

  • Individuals and/or appointed members of organizations who contribute to their communities in rural/low-income/marginalized areas and/or native American reservations

  • Individuals studying housing issues and/or low-income housing alternatives

  • Housing activists and environmental activists

  • Experienced construction workers passionate about building off-grid communities

How to Apply: Submit the BIPOC Application Form.


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