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The Independent Study is the last step towards the Earthship Academy graduation. Once you have completed an Academy Session, and one (or several) Field Studies, we believe that you will be confident enough to complete an Independent Study.

The Independent Study does not have any cost, the academy staff will review your proposal and once the project is accepted, you will be able to put it in action. Once you have finished your Independent Study, our staff will review it and send you a diploma allowing you to build Earthships

There is no time limit to complete your Earthship studies. So far nearly 50 people from all over the World have graduated from the Earthship Academy.


The Independent Study may be physical (launching a demonstration project in China, staging and facilitating a relief project in Haiti) or digital (designing a CAD model of an Earthship city in Turkey, mapping Pockets of Freedom in Australia). For Example, you can read below an amazing Independent Study from Ian Watson. He has done in-depth research about Earthship performances and their inhabitants satisfactions: